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Image by Jimmy Fermin

Alexander T. Adams, PhD

Dr. Adam's research focuses on designing, fabricating, and implementing new ubiquitous and wearable sensing systems. In particular, he is interested in how these systems can be developed for medical care and health. With expertise in sensing, signal processing, and fabrication, he designs, deploys, and evaluates health sensing and persuasive technologies. This comes in the form of giving everyday objects sensing capabilities and intelligence and developing new, novel sensing devices. Alex began his career as a Musician, Composer, and audio engineer. After some time, he found his interest leaning towards how he could capture and manipulate the sounds of an instrument through analog hardware and digital signal processing. In 2012, this led him back to his hometown (Concord, NC), where he did his bachelor's in science at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. In January of 2021, Alex completed his Ph.D. at Cornell University with Professor Tanzeem Choudhury in the People Aware Computing (PAC) lab. During this time, he further developed his skills through internships at Samsung Research and Microsoft Research NeXT. His current research focuses on developing multi-modal sensing systems to simultaneously assess mental and physical health and improve health equity to enable a new class of health technologies.

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